Sharon’s Favorites

Closing Sheet –  Create a Rollup (NSD Diana Sumpter 6/21)

Closing Sheet – Create a Rollup without Satin Hands (NSD DIana Sumpter 6/21)

Closing Sheet – Create A Rollup (NSD Diana Sumpter 2/21

Prestige Client Program

Thank you NSD DIANA SUMPTER for all of the info on Prestige Client Program

Prestige Client Loyalty Card

Prestige Client Simple Tracking Sheet

Prestige Client Consultant Tracking

Scripting for Prestige Client

Additional Scripts for Prestige Clients

Virtual Flip Chart in PowerPoint

Virtual Flip Chart in PDF

Office of the Week Script

Office of the Week Certificate

Office of the Week Forms

Closing Sets Sheet we are using for Virtual & Facebook Parties

Insert for Beauty Experience – Fabulous Referral Game & Closing Sheet

Inserts for Beauty Experience – Instructions & Opportunity Info

My Link to my Google Form for Virtual Beauty Experience  (as an example)

7 Days of Bliss (Volu-Firm) Pic

7 Days of Bliss (3D) Pic

Virtual Party FlipChart (just pics)

Facial in a Bag

Facial in a Bag Closing Sheet

Video & Links to Materials for “Shake Up Your Makeup”

Email Script for Bliss Bag

3D Bliss Bag Instructions & Specials

Spring Challenge -Hostess gets 10 orders

Recruiting Notebook

Dream Page (6 Ave of Income)

Dream Book

6 Avenues of Income

Hostess Program I Use

My Favorite Closing Sheet updated 11/19 (after price increase)

Beauty Experience Flip Chart

How to print Beauty Experience Flip Chart

The above “Favorites” have been created by NSD Diana Sumpter

For additional training, go to

Click on Dream Team Area (PASSWORD is: mk2020),  Training & Education

21 Day Challenge – 10 Calls/Day
Video Explaining 21 Day Challenge
21 Day – Daily Tracking Sheet
My Hostess Special
5 Minute Marketing Plan
$200 Free Hostess Flyer
Fast Facts Invitation Card
PMS Postcard
Booth Forms

Tell Me What You Think/Referral Game
Daily Worksheet
Look Book Subscription Questionnaire
Skin Care Product Survey
Overcoming Objections
Inner View Questions
Bubble Phone Calls Tracking Sheet
Mental B.A.T.H.

The Beauty  Experience